How Karma Works – A Guide to Be a Decent Human Being at Work

Sometimes work is the last place you want to be, but that’s no excuse to let your negativity show. There are good days, and bad days, and how you act has a direct effect on the people around you.

Here’s how karma works, a guide to be a decent human being at work.

Offer to Help Someone Who Seems Stressed
Do you see someone visibly stressed or struggling in the workplace? It’s easy to ignore them and go about your day, but you can get a karmic boost by extending a helpful hand. There’s no need to take over their responsibilities, but something as simple as grabbing lunch for them while they’re stuck at a desk, or bringing over a caffeinated beverage, can reduce their stress level considerably.

Befriend the New Person
It’s always awkward to come into an office as an outsider. Groups and cliques are already formed, and it’s hard breaking in. Be the connector who takes the new person under your wing, and acts as their friend and person to sit with at lunch until they branch out and meet more people. It costs you nothing, and will help you build positive connections.

In general, while at work (and at any time in life), follow The Golden Rule. Try your best to be a friendly and positive person, and people will react to you in kind.

Cheer Someone Else On
Stereotypical career advice recommends that you need to be constantly tooting your own horn in order for your boss to know how valuable you are, and how much you deserve a promotion/raise. But that’s not how karma works. Make sure that in between your self-promotional efforts, you make some space to share the stage with your coworkers.

Recognize something they did that was amazing, and make sure that everyone else hears about it. By being a cheerleader for others, you’ll likely find that they’re willing to be cheerleaders for you, as well.

Take Responsibility for Mistakes
It’s hard to admit when you do something wrong, but it’s important to own up to it instead of shifting blame. It’s tacky to implicate others, and your boss will appreciate you more if you’re straightforward and honest. For best results, be up front about mistakes instead of waiting for someone to discover something that’s wrong. Better yet, come prepared with a possible solution.

Practice Good Kitchen Etiquette
When considering how karma works, the kitchen seems to be a common place for negative karmic actions. Here are a few things you can do to be a great coworker:

  • Clean up after yourself in the kitchen so that nobody else has to pick up your slack.
  • Never steal someone’s lunch.
  • Bring in baked treats every once in awhile, unannounced. This is an easy way to improve a number of people’s days.

Don’t Gossip
It can be tempting to get caught up in office gossip, but spreading rumors or speaking negatively about a coworker is basically the definition of bad karma. If someone tries to suck you in, change the subject – or find a new work friend.

How Karma Works
By now, you have several items to focus on to bring positive vibes to the work environment. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. So make an effort to put these pieces into your daily practice of being a decent human being at work.

What’s your idea of how karma works in the workplace?

By Maddy Osman, Curated from Jobacle

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